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Mirza Ghassemi    8.50

A blend of smoked eggplant, caramelized onion & garlic, tomato paste, & egg.

 Kashk-O-Bademjan    7.99
Purée of eggplant mixed with sautéed onion & garlic, topped w/ fried mint & kashk.
(Kashk is a creamy whey sauce)

 Mast-O-Khiar     5.50
Delicious homemade yogurt, diced cucumber and mint.

 Mast-O-Mussier    6.50
Creamy homemade yogurt flavored with shallots.

 Zeytoon Parvardeh    6.99
Olive dish with pomegranate paste, walnuts, garlic & herbs.

 Dolmeh    6.99
Imported grape leaves stuffed with cooked rice, parsley, spring onion, mint & spices.

 Torshii    6.99
Aged pickled fresh vegetables in mixture of grape vinegar and Persian spices.

 Tah'deeg    8.50
Crispy rice topped with veggie sauce of the day. 

 Hummus    5.99
Chick peas pureed w/ tahini, garlic & lemon juice.

 Chicken Tender    6.99
Hand-breaded chicken tenders. 

Chicken Wing   7.50
Fried bone in wings & drummies.  

Buffalo Wing    8.50
Hand-spun in our signature sauce.  

French Fries    4.99

Cheese Fries    5.99
Seasoned fries loaded with melted cheese.   


 Shirazi Salad    5.99
A Persian specialty! Diced cucumber, tomatoes and onion, seasoned with dry mint & dressed with olive oil & lemon juice.

 Season Salad (garden salad)    6.99
Romain lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper & olives with our homemade dressing.
(Add feta cheese for $1)


 Ash Reshteh     7.50
A healthy & deliciously cooked mixture of fresh vegetables, noodles, kidney beans & garbanzo beans, 
spinach, herbs, garlic, parsley, & cilantro, topped with Kashk & fried mint. Mmmm…so good! 


 Plain Basmati Rice                                                                4.50
 Shirin Polo                                                                          7.99

                         Basmati rice mixed with orange peel, pistachio, almond & saffron.
 Baghala Polo                                                                        6.99
Basmati rice mixed with lima beans and dill weed.
 Zereshk Polo                                                                       7.99
                 Basmati rice topped with sweet & sour barberries & saffron.
 Adas Polo                                                                            6.99
Basmati rice mixed with lentil and raisins.             
 Albaloo Polo                                                                        7.50
Basmati rice mixed with sweet and sour cherries.
 Skewer of Kubideh (beef or chicken)                                     5.99

 Skewer of Beef Barg                                                            11.99

 Skewer of Chicken Barg                                                       10.99

 Extra Grilled Tomato                                                           1.50

 Fresh Tandoori Bread (Taftoon)                                          2.75

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