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chef's specials



Morgh-O-Polo    17.50
Oven roasted chicken in a light tomato sauce and Persian spices, served with basmati rice
topped with sweet & sour barberries.

Shishlik    27.50
Lamb Chops marinated in our special chef sauce, grilled on open fire & served with
grilled tomato and basmati rice.

Shiraz Soltani    19.99
A skewer of marinated ground beef plus one skewer of combination of juicy chunks of beef tenderloin and marinated chicken tender; grilled over open fire, and served with grilled tomato and Basmati rice. 

 Shiraz Loghmeh     18.99 
Fillet of chicken marinated in saffron & lemon juice, grilled with green pepper, 
onion & tomato; served with Basmati rice.

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